Choosing Quality Carpet

When you select a new carpet, you need to do some research and educate yourself about the various options, to ensure you choose a quality carpet that will last. You must consider the technology, fabric and type of carpet as well as the color, design and pattern.

From the ‘70s through the early ‘90s, wall-to-wall carpeting was what everyone wanted for their home. If a prospective home didn’t have it, maybe it wasn’t worth considering. Times have changed, and many have moved away from carpet, choosing, instead, to revert to hardwood floors in living and dining areas, and tiles in kitchens and bathrooms.

Whether that is right or wrong is not the purpose of this article, but rather to provide direction when you choose to install carpet.

Carpet Can Provide Comfort, Charm and Durability

Choosing carpet for any room in your home begins with samples from many manufacturers and carpet mills. Although very few consumers buy carpet directly from the manufacturer, most carpet dealers will provide a multitude of designs, patterns and colors for you to peruse.

Carpets are fabric and come in many variations and are made of many elements. Carpet fabrics are natural, synthetic or a mixture. Wool is the most common natural fabric for carpet but is not hypoallergenic, so take care not to install where allergies might be a problem. This typically eliminates its use in children’s rooms, to be safe.

Acrylic replicates wool and can be used where wool cannot. Although it resists stains, it will fuzz and pill. Polyester tends to resist stains and won’t bring out the sniffles, but it is not forgiving with footprints and foot traffic. An olefin and polypropylene mixture is great for indoor/outdoor carpet. The world’s best at resisting stain, static and shedding is nylon.

Blended into these fabrics are various technologies, such as Stainmaster®, Teflon® Protectant, anti-static, nylon technology, etc. Depending on where you will have the carpet installed and how much traffic the room will get, some technologies are more important than others. In a well-traveled room, you will want anti-static and stain resistant material.

What You Should Bring

When you go shopping for that new carpet, you should bring swatches or pictures of major furnishings, drapes and wallpaper. Although the final choice is yours, this will give the dealer an idea of what to show you.

Also, know the square footage for your room or at least the dimensions of the room – nine feet by 13 feet or whatever. Knowing this information will help the dealer provide you with a total price for the carpet you choose.

Whatever fabric, color or pattern you choose, the smartest technologies to decide on are anti-static and stain resistant treatments. Anti-static, because you do not want to short-circuit your expensive electronics when you cross the room. Stain resistant, because accidents happen, and many carpet stains are permanent.

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