4 Things to Consider When Planning a Bathroom Remodel

Indeed, there are a multitude of things to consider while planning a bathroom remodel. We could talk about tiles, what size to use where. We could talk about which color schemes will make your remodeled bathroom look amazing, but you know what color you want. We could even discuss lighting and the importance of having 360-degree lighting surrounding your vanity. Ladies need this for applying makeup and men need it for shaving. But you knew that, too.

There are four primary considerations for every bathroom remodel. They are plumbing, shower vs tub, storage and ventilation. Everything else about your bathroom remodel will be fabulous once you consider these 4 factors.

Consideration #1 – Plumbing

With every bathroom remodel, regardless of size, the number one consideration must be plumbing. Staying with the existing plumbing and just adjusting to accommodate changes or adding fixtures might be the most inexpensive option, but it might not be the smartest.

There is no better time to upgrade the plumbing in your bathroom than during a bathroom remodel. Most older homes (those from the ‘60s & ‘70s) used galvanized pipes. If you still have galvanized pipes, the corrosion inside them is likely so thick you have no water pressure to the second floor. Also, they used a standard 1-1/2-inch drain pipe for the toilet and the shower.

Upgrading the drains to a 2-inch drain will cost next to nothing, while you’re in the renovation process. Think about all the hair and junk that goes down your drains. The bigger the drain pipe, the fewer clogs you will experience. Getting rid of the galvanized pipes will cost you, but it will be well worth the investment.

Plus, adding that wall-mounted toilet will not only add a modern look at a reasonable price, because the price on these have been reduced dramatically since their introduction, but you will save the space where the old tank once was.

You or your contractor should discuss any plumbing changes with a licensed plumber before you get to the planning stage of your bathroom remodel. What you want to do might not be possible, or when possible, it might take way more time than you’re willing to wait for your new bathroom.

Consideration #2 – Shower, Tub or Both

For the bathroom remodel in your home, it might come down to what the users of the bathroom will agree on concerning a tub or shower. Many men would just as soon have a stand-up shower for a quick in and out, while most women would prefer a tub, so they can soak in a bubble bath with scented candles. Yes, it’s true, those roles could be reversed. However, if you are doing a bathroom remodel for a resale, the possible choices are only limited by how much you are willing to spend.

It might be easy enough to please everyone by installing a combination tub and shower. There are so many combination designs now as opposed to when your house got built; you can even get a walk-in or step-down tub. Take a look around and let your imagination be your guide.

Consideration #3 – Storage for the Bathroom Remodel

The importance of storage for a bathroom remodel cannot be understated. Although the old medicine cabinet has gone by the wayside, we still need those things in our bathroom. We still need aspirin, Band-Aids, toothpaste, etc., but where do we store these items? We still need to store clean linen, shampoos, and body wash, and cleaning supplies. So much to store, so little storage space. Especially in small bathrooms, and they’re all small, aren’t they? Many contractors just install some square cabinets with matching doors and consider it good.

However, incorporating innovative storage designs can help you create space and add a decorative flair. Using an old bureau as a vanity accomplishes two missions, it saves that old bureau from the trash or pre-owned furniture store. A new coat of paint or stain will create an excellent storage space with drawers under the sink or basin.

As far as those square cabinets go, why add doors at all? Use that space for linen storage that is open and obvious. Your guests won’t have to guess where the towels are. Likewise, an open shelf right over the toilet paper holder will give you excellent storage for spare rolls.

Consideration #4 – Ventilation

Many are putting a frosted or tinted window in the shower, or another area of their bathroom remodel. It can be opened after your shower to let the steam and moisture out. Vinyl-clad windows with plastic handles are great for this innovation.

A bathroom with a window that opens does not need an exhaust fan to meet the 2009 International Residential Code for ventilation. Of course, you can still add one if you wish, but many prefer an open window for natural venting.

Call Tell Projects for Help Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

Give Tell Projects a call to discuss your ideas for a bathroom remodel, (832) 730-2471. Whether you just need to know if part of your project is feasible and safe or you need someone to complete a project that is taking you a lot longer than you thought it would, we can help. We can provide a free estimate, and there is never an obligation on your part. Send us an email with your bathroom remodel or other project questions to tellprojectstx@gmail.com.

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