Power Wash Your Driveway to Give It New Life

Do you know the difference between a power wash and a pressure wash? Well, it would not surprise many of us to know most don’t know the benefits and liabilities of each either. Use a power wash on your driveway to remove oil and grease stains. Also, a power wash adds curb appeal to your home when selling. The truth is, it can be performed on your driveway, decks, siding and many other surfaces annually to bring back that brand-new look.

Either a power wash or a pressure wash, used for the right purpose on the appropriate material, can add immediate curb appeal. For that reason, many homeowners who have an upcoming open house should consider one of these a month or so before their showing. Before you decide to hire someone to power wash or pressure wash, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The Driveway Power Wash

A power wash for your concrete driveway is one of the best methods of getting rid of those stains. Grease spots and leaking motor oil can make your driveway look terrible. Water alone is not a very good method of removing that mess. You can use full-strength vinegar or ½ cup of baking soda for each gallon of water as a presoak the night before the power wash, as a green cleaner, to loosen up the grease and oil.

Brick and mortar, and tile and asphalt driveways can also get a power wash, though make sure the bricks or tiles are firmly settled, and never use a pressure wash or power wash on a gravel driveway. It will dislodge rocks and send them flying.

Pressure Wash Versus Power Wash on the Driveway

A pressure wash will work on driveways as well, and it is quite quick, as long as you use a 3,000 PSI unit. That means you must use a gas-powered washer instead of electric. However, the pressure washer is not as effective as a power wash at removing stains caused by oil and grease.

In most cases, the power wash is the right choice for your driveway, as the perfect method to wash away the stains, grime and dirt. Add a green solution, heat, pressure and the right water flow to a power wash and cut down on the chemicals that will seep into your landscape and underground water supplies.

Most homeowners with the time can pressure wash as a DIY project, but if you want a power wash, better call a professional.

Call the Expert Technicians at Tell Projects

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