Kids Bathroom Remodeling In Houston

A busy family means busy bathrooms. And if you have got a bunch of kids at home, chances are they will occupy the bathrooms for longer times in the morning and evening hours when they are getting ready for school or bedtime. Hence, you can use some tips we have shared below and decorate your bathroom to give them a peaceful environment and a smart look.

Double Sinks is an easy way to allow two family members to use the bathroom sink area at once. It can let parents and children get ready simultaneously, and both have their own spaces in a shared bathroom.

Storage At Eye-Level

You can benefit from the long vertical space and setup storage sections that the whole family can use. Kids can use and clean up the lower shelves and hooks, and adults can get their upper levels. Everyone can technically have their own storage area. And it can also help you keep the space organized.

Playful Designs

If you have a bathroom of their own, you can give it a design that is only for them. You can install kid’s wallpaper, paint it with bright colors, and install fun hardware items to make the bathroom lively and let your little ones feel welcomed.

Ready For A Bathroom Remodel?

If you are ready to create a bathroom for the whole family or just your kids, Tell Projects is available at your service. Our experts will listen to your idea and create a design like never before. To schedule a consultation, call us at (832) 730-2471.

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