30th July, 2020

A bathroom is not just a room to wash and clean only, but it plays a vital role in relaxing along with freshening up. Often it needs renovations, and the professional team does it as per the latest trends and individual’s taste. Lots of gears are available in the markets, but our team chooses the … Continue reading “Best bathroom fixtures”

15th July, 2020

Choosing proper tile and grout combinations will achieve remarkable results. Both should complement each other. The color combination of the tile and grout and its design depends on the kitchen or bathroom it will fix. The proper combination will give an overall look to the place, and requires regular maintenance. An appropriate choice of grout … Continue reading “Trending ideas for tile and grout color combinations”

30th June, 2020

Usually, during the era between the sixties to seventies, split level houses were built. It was a trend and much popular in people. However, nowadays, these designs might need renovation. Split level kitchen remodels a challenging task, and an expert team can handle it professionally. Typically a split level kitchen is on the top level, … Continue reading “Split level kitchen remodel”

15th June, 2020

People are looking for new and classy kitchen looks; trending designs have shifted dining facilities to kitchens. Lots of eat in kitchen ideas are available, but the choice depends on the homeowner’s taste. Various kitchen layouts opt for different eat in styles but choose the best intentions. Eat in kitchen is an area where the … Continue reading “Eat in kitchen ideas fit for your space”

30th May, 2020

As people like to dress up properly wearing clean and beautiful clothes, so does our home. Home needs renovations regularly, to remove the drabness. Besides other rooms, the kitchen is one of the most important ones. It is the heart of the house where we prepare a lot of delicious meals for the family. A marble … Continue reading “A Marble backsplash kitchen adds elegance to your house”

15th May, 2020

Trending furniture ideas; wood and metal bench There is no place like home. We all need a beautiful and comfortable home to live; therefore, we keep it clean and try to remodel it whenever the need arises. It includes renovating all from wood and metal bench to kitchen and whole house renovations. However, different furniture … Continue reading “Trending furniture ideas; wood and metal bench”

30th April, 2020

The traditional kitchen style is still famous. However, it’s also true that today’s designs are much different than those found a few years back. Traditional designs pay attention to details. It uses a combination of primary colors to fill up each part of the kitchen. Besides, rocks and wood give it a good look. The … Continue reading “Contemporary vs. traditional kitchen ideas, which one do you prefer?”

15th April, 2020

Bathroom singing is a common interest many of us have. We want our bathrooms according to our style. A comfortable and clean bathroom is necessary for good health. But how to build a bathroom that suits you? From the nuts and bolts used to the right fixtures, everything has its importance. Careful planning and the … Continue reading “How to build a bathroom to suit your style and interest?”

30th March, 2020

Finishing your attic is a great home project. A finished attic will add square footage and boost your home value. It will also give family members more room for privacy. Whether you want an extra bedroom, a workspace, or something else, you must finish your attic correctly. Below are some of the basic steps you … Continue reading “Finishing Your Attic in 2020”

15th March, 2020

Tile patterns are an often overlooked home feature. While tiles are small, they can make a big impact. The right tiles will tie your home style together and complete your look. They are also a simple home improvement project that can be completed quickly. Below, we will share just some of the many tile designs … Continue reading “Beautiful Tile Patterns for Your Home”

29th February, 2020

Lighting might not seem like a big deal, but it can seriously impact the style and function of your space. There are many different things to consider while lighting your home. Are you looking for efficient solutions, beautiful features, or a combination of the two? Below are some small lighting changes that can make a … Continue reading “Simple Lighting Changes to Consider”

15th February, 2020

A sunroom can be a great home addition. These rooms can serve a variety of purposes. However, they all bring beautiful light and a sense of openness to your space. Best of all, this is a versatile option that can be more affordable than other renovations. Below, we will share some of our favorite sunroom … Continue reading “Brighten Your Home With a Sunroom”

30th January, 2020

Choosing the right bathtub is an important part of any bathroom remodels. In this article, we will go over some of the different functions and design options for bathtubs so you can choose the best piece for your new bathroom. A Bathtub That Fits Your Style- And Lifestyle When choosing a bathtub, consider the overall … Continue reading “How to Choose a Bathtub During Your Bathroom Remodel”

15th January, 2020

If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive way to change your home style this year, consider upgrading your cabinet hardware. Hardware can change the look of your entire room in just a few minutes- no expensive tools or construction projects required! Below are a few tips for transforming your space with a simple hardware … Continue reading “Cabinet Hardware For an Instant Room Upgrade”

30th December, 2019

Transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis with one simple upgrade! Rainshower heads will create a spa-like atmosphere in any bathroom. Whether you are looking for a complete remodel or just want to make a few simple changes to your space, this feature is one you won’t want to miss out on. Keep reading to … Continue reading “Ready for a Rain Shower Head?”

15th December, 2019

A person’s kitchen is often the heart of the home. From cooking and baking to family dinners and entertaining, it’s a space that should be personal and functional. If you need additional storage or prep space in your kitchen, adding an island can massively upgrade the room. Read on to learn some of our favorite … Continue reading “Transform Meal Prep and With a Kitchen Island”

30th November, 2019

The holidays can be a notoriously stressful time. If you are thinking about a home remodel in the future, you might feel like the holidays are the worst time to get started with the planning. However, there are some great advantages to designing your rebuild during the busy winter months. Read on to learn about … Continue reading “Planning Your Remodel Over the Holidays”

15th November, 2019

If you are a book lover, built-in bookcases are a beautiful way to store and organize your literature. But you don’t have to be a reader to benefit from a bookshelf! Built-in storage is a great option for just about everyone. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite uses for these built-ins. Display … Continue reading “Creative Uses for Built-In Shelving and Storage”

30th October, 2019

When you decide to renovate a room in your home, you can make structural changes and add new features to truly customize your space. While your electrical needs might seem obvious, there are a few unique touches you can add to your kitchen with some simple electrical work during your remodel. Keep reading to learn … Continue reading “Electrical Options to Consider During Your Kitchen Remodel”

15th October, 2019

If you are remodeling your kitchen, you know that choosing the right countertops is a big decision. There are many different countertops materials to choose from, which means there is a wide range of styles and prices available. Because your counters are a focal point of the kitchen, choosing the right material for your countertops … Continue reading “Choosing the Right Countertops for Your Kitchen Remodel”

30th September, 2019

There are many ways to bring life to an outdated bathroom. While complete renovations will transform your entire space, something as simple as a shower door can also completely transform the room. This renovation is quick, easy, and has numerous benefits. Keep reading to learn why you should consider a glass shower door. Let Light … Continue reading “Update Your Bathroom With a Glass Shower Door”

20th September, 2019

Housing insulation is something that many homeowners take for granted. When insulation is working properly, you probably forget that you even have it. However, insulation can wear down over time and must be replaced if it is damaged. Keep reading to learn if your home needs an insulation inspection or replacement. Signs You Might Need … Continue reading “Does Your Insulation Need to be Replaced?”

22nd August, 2019

Adding a window to your shower can dramatically change the look of your bathroom. This is a room that you spend a lot of time in, so it’s important to consider features that are both attractive and practical. Keep reading to learn why a shower window might be the perfect addition to your space. Change … Continue reading “Should You Add a Shower Window?”

22nd August, 2019

The backsplash is a great investment for anyone who wants to remodel their kitchen. These decorative tiles fill empty wall space between your counter and cabinets, creating a cohesive look that connects your entire kitchen. There are many reasons why you should consider backsplash. Here are three of our favorites. 1- Protect Your Kitchen The … Continue reading “3 Reasons to Get Backsplash”

29th July, 2019

Termites may be small, but they can cause massive damage to your home. Learning some basic facts on termites and termite damage will help you spot a termite issue before these pests take over your house. What You Need to Know About Termites Termites are small insects that can be found all over the world. … Continue reading “All About Termite Damage and Restoration”

24th June, 2019

When it comes to home renovation, we often think of projects inside the house. While a bathroom or kitchen remodel can certainly improve your home, exterior renovations can have additional values. Read on to learn how an exterior renovation can increase your home value and make your house more enjoyable. Boost Curb Appeal If you’re … Continue reading “Increase Your Home Value With an Exterior Renovation”

18th June, 2019

Summer is officially here, and many families are making plans for the long, sunny days ahead. While you might be planning a beach getaway or vacation, it’s also a great time to think about projects closer to home. Keep reading to learn why summer is the perfect time to start a home remodel or design … Continue reading “Why Summer is the Best Season for a Home Remodel”

22nd May, 2019

Bathroom remodels can change the feel of your entire home. Many people think of bathrooms purely in terms of functionality, so they do not add aesthetic touches to this room. A well-designed bathroom can serve as an oasis by giving you a charming vanity for getting ready in the morning or soaking bathtub for relaxation. … Continue reading “4 Signs it’s Time for a Bathroom Remodel”

18th May, 2019

Are you considering a home remodel? If so, custom cabinetry is one of the first features you should think about. New cabinets will allow you to easily change the look of a room while also adding functionality. Below are three reasons why we think cabinetry should be one of your first considerations when you decide … Continue reading “Transform Your Home With Custom Cabinetry”

23rd April, 2019

Spring is in the air, which means it’s a great time to dig through your belongings and give everything a good clean. If you’re starting a home remodel, it’s even more important that you make time for a spring cleaning session. Use these tips, and your home will be spotless in no time! Start Small … Continue reading “Get Ready For Your Home Remodel With a Spring Cleaning Session”

17th April, 2019

Painting is a project that many homeowners choose to tackle themselves. It sounds simple enough. Just choose your color and paint away, right? In reality, painting is a complex job that is best left to the professionals. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of hiring a painter. Save Time and Energy Painting is a … Continue reading “3 Reasons to Hire a Professional For Your Paint Job”

22nd March, 2019

Countertops are one of the most important features of any kitchen. A good countertop design will help you to create a cohesive look as you complete your remodel. However, countertops can be difficult to source and the idea of choosing one can be overwhelming. Read on to learn how to select a countertop and why … Continue reading “How to Get the Best Counter tops For Your Kitchen Remodel”

18th March, 2019

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, you are probably overwhelmed by possibility. A remodel is a chance to update your home style, make your space more useful, and add the features that you’ve always wanted. It can be hard to know where to begin! If your bathroom needs a makeover, consider starting with new shower … Continue reading “Transforming Your Shower With Tile and Grout Work”

23rd February, 2019

Getting the personal care you need for your home can be as easy as finding a general contractor or general handyman services that have general liability insurance, are licensed with the State of Texas, have references and are subject-matter experts about the project you need to get completed. Check With the Municipal Building Inspector’s Office … Continue reading “General Handyman Services: Getting the Personal Care You Need for Your Home”

15th February, 2019

For most homeowners, the garage doors take up one-third or more of the home’s front profile. Therefore, one of the best options for increasing your home’s curb appeal and likely market value is with a new garage door. Consider new garage doors with classic looks but with modern technology to simplify and revolutionize how you … Continue reading “Why New Garage Doors Add More Than Curb Appeal”

25th January, 2019

Regardless of the gutter system you use, it will need maintenance to ensure the roof does not experience rotting in the wood under the shingles or whatever roof system you use. Gutters need to get leaves and debris cleared regularly; a dam of leaves will gather in the gutter at the downspout and plug it … Continue reading “What Maintenance Do Gutters Require?”

14th January, 2019

The first thing any homeowner should learn about landscaping repairs is which ones not to do on your own. Sometimes the only difference between doing it yourself and landscaping repairs done by professionals is money, time, and of course, the end result. The biggest mistake most homeowners make is not knowing their limitations. #1 – … Continue reading “3 Landscaping Repairs You Don’t Want to Try Yourself”

26th December, 2018

Frequently, the question is not how often a wood fence should get replaced, but what are the telltale signs a damaged, deteriorated fence is beyond repair and needs replacement? It’s quite likely that a stained and treated fence could last 20 years or more; however, how many actually stain their fence every year as they … Continue reading “How Often Should a Wood Fence Get Replaced?”

12th December, 2018

Regardless of the type of gate, there are 4 main challenges you are likely to encounter. Repairing a gate is not as simple as it looks. This often small, lightweight feature can leave you scratching your head as to how to approach the problem. You can see what’s wrong, but to fix it, you have … Continue reading “The 4 Main Challenges of Repairing a Gate”

26th November, 2018

Do you know the difference between a power wash and a pressure wash? Well, it would not surprise many of us to know most don’t know the benefits and liabilities of each either. Use a power wash on your driveway to remove oil and grease stains. Also, a power wash adds curb appeal to your … Continue reading “Power Wash Your Driveway to Give It New Life”

14th November, 2018

When you select a new carpet, you need to do some research and educate yourself about the various options, to ensure you choose a quality carpet that will last. You must consider the technology, fabric and type of carpet as well as the color, design and pattern. From the ‘70s through the early ‘90s, wall-to-wall … Continue reading “Choosing Quality Carpet”

24th October, 2018

Indeed, there are a multitude of things to consider while planning a bathroom remodel. We could talk about tiles, what size to use where. We could talk about which color schemes will make your remodeled bathroom look amazing, but you know what color you want. We could even discuss lighting and the importance of having … Continue reading “4 Things to Consider When Planning a Bathroom Remodel”

12th October, 2018

The point of insulation is to help control and effectively distribute heat absorption while keeping out the cold. It sounds simple, right? You just pack insulation into all the places where heat is likely to escape and you are good to go. The problem with that is there are a number of common mistakes homeowners … Continue reading “4 Things Not to Do When Installing Insulation”

24th September, 2018

Choosing the right wood for your baseboard can be problematic. Baseboards generally create a transition between the wall and floor. Thus, tile floors look more natural with a tile baseboard and wood floors with a wood baseboard. But then, which is the right wood? Often, a homeowner can feel lost searching for the right baseboard … Continue reading “Choosing the Right Wood for Your Baseboard”

14th September, 2018

Choosing a beautiful tile is just the beginning of a spectacular looking tile job. You will also need to choose a grout that accentuates your tile choice. Prior planning to ensure tile-leveling and grout lines are perfect is another step that must not be overlooked. Use of the right products, plus planning and preparation, will … Continue reading “The Importance of Tile-Leveling and Grout Lines”

24th August, 2018

Why You Should Choose Wood Flooring Remodeling your home can be a tremendous task. The installation of new wood flooring can be a challenging and fun do-it-yourself (DIY) project if you have the time, tools, and experience. However, when you don’t have those three ingredients for your planned project, better call the professionals at Tell … Continue reading “Wood Flooring Qualities You’ll Love”

15th August, 2018

Laminate flooring is not the type of feature you can put down and then just rip up again if you don’t like it. It is important to understand the properties of laminate and how it will look and act in your home. Laminate Thickness & Width You will find laminate flooring on sale typically at … Continue reading “How to Pick the Best Laminate Flooring”

24th July, 2018

People usually think of tile flooring only for the kitchen, dining room or bath. However, new designs and materials have made tile perfect for every room in your home. Tile flooring in the bedroom? Why not? A large-format mosaic tile that resembles a Kilim Persian rug is gorgeous and cleans up in seconds with a … Continue reading “How to Pick the Right Tile Flooring for Your Room”

16th July, 2018

Did you ever notice on those HGTV Fix and Flip shows how they always make the demolition look like so much fun? They run in whooping and hollering with a demolition hammer and start knocking things off the wall or destroying the wall itself. No one is wearing a safety mask or goggles, well occasionally … Continue reading “4 Things to Consider Prior to a Bathroom Demolition”

23rd June, 2018

Installing new doors, handlesand doorknobs can give your home a whole new look that adds character to your home’s exterior without spending a lot of money. The same can be said for your home’s interior. Give your kitchen a new look and feel with new cabinet pulls, handlesand doorknobsthat match or contrast with your appliances, … Continue reading “How Doors, Handles and Doorknobs Give a Home Character”

13th June, 2018

Does your home feel old and lifeless? Even relatively new properties can lose their appeal to homeowners after a number of years. Colors fade and the features that you once loved no longer inspire enthusiasm in any way. If any of this sounds familiar, it may be time to give your rooms some much needed … Continue reading “Do a Kitchen Remodel to Rejuvenate Your Home”

19th January, 2018

The thing about choosing the right kitchen and bathroom doors, handles and door knobs is that they should complement each other and the overall décor in the room. Opting for the wrong style of handles or door knobs may have a negative impact on design elements, disrupting the aesthetic flow of you had hoped for. … Continue reading “Choosing the Right Doors, Handles, and Door Knobs”

10th January, 2018

Home remodeling projects offer a dizzying array of choices for the Houston area homeowner. For instance, if you’re upgrading or installing safety equipment in your home, you can choose between a hard-wired or wireless system for your smoke and CO2 detector installation. Each option comes with its own set of pros and cons. Let’s examine … Continue reading “Smoke and CO2 Detector Installation: Hard Wired or Wireless?”

23rd December, 2017

As the heart of the home, it’s not unusual to find families and friends gathered in the kitchen at any given moment. Whether it’s around a table or an island or cozied up in a built-in breakfast nook, the kitchen has always been and will probably always be the one room with an open invitation. … Continue reading “New Kitchen Cabinetry Trends for 2018”

12th December, 2017

Home remodeling projects offer a dizzying array of choices for the Houston area homeowner. For instance, if you’re upgrading or installing safety equipment in your home, you can choose between a hard-wired or wireless system for your smoke and CO2 detector installation. Each option comes with its own set of pros and cons. Let’s examine … Continue reading “Smoke and CO2 Detector Installation: Hard Wired or Wireless?”

21st November, 2017

There are many factors to consider before buying lighting and ceiling fans for your house. Some people consider lighting just to brighten the room and ceiling fans to decorate. However, to use lighting and ceiling fans effectively, you should first look at the ceiling height, the room’s square footage, the number of blades for the … Continue reading “Sizing Lighting and Ceiling Fans For Your House”

13th November, 2017

Installing a new garbage disposal in a space designed for that specific make and model is almost always an easy installation. After all, you will be installing it into a new space while everything is new and designed to fit. However, not all garbage disposal repairs and installations are quite that easy. Even seasoned, experienced … Continue reading “3 Difficult Garbage Disposal Repairs and Installations”

26th October, 2017

Are you up on all the new changes for electric outlets and GFCI repairs and installation? Unless you are an electrician, or very savvy in the electrical department, it is unlikely. Electrical upgrades and repairs in your home require knowledge and expertise that most homeowners do not possess. Here is some basic information on what’s … Continue reading “New Changes for Electric Outlets and GFCI Repairs and Installation”

19th October, 2017

One of the quickest ways to update your bathroom or kitchen sink area is to replace the fixtures. It can also be a way to reduce water waste and create a “greener” environment in your home. However, not everyone has the experience and expertise to perform faucet and shower head replacements and installations. Knowing the … Continue reading “Easy Faucet and Shower Head Replacements and Installations”

13th October, 2017

Did you know that the Army Corps of Engineers Field Manual FM 3-34.471 provides you with as much general plumbing how-to knowledge as many expensive bookstore Do-It-Yourself (DIY) plumbing books? And, it’s free! In fact, Chapter 3 has step-by-step instructions on how to repair your plumbing, with pictures. There’s even a section on emergency temporary … Continue reading “4 General Plumbing Rules You Don’t Want to Forget”

06th October, 2017

A room with a high vaulted ceiling is perhaps the best type of room to add crown molding. Nothing adds warmth to a room faster than crown molding, especially those with high vaulted or cathedral ceilings. The Warming Effect of Crown Molding The intent of crown molding or any molding is to create a smooth … Continue reading “The Best Type of Rooms for Crown Molding”

03rd October, 2017

One of the things that drives me crazy when I visit someone’s house and use their bathroom, is moldy caulk or big gaps between the edge of the tile and the wall or shower. I always wonder why they don’t rip that old caulk out and apply new caulking and sealing? It only takes around … Continue reading “Caulking and Sealing Ceramic Tile”

14th August, 2017

What’s good about sheetrock and drywall repairs is that they are very easy to do, so almost anyone with a little DIY knowledge or handyman aptitude and the right tools can get it done. However, without the right tools, the job can look sloppy and make a mess. Without the proper tools, a well-meaning DIY … Continue reading “The Best Tips for Sheetrock and Drywall Repairs”

26th July, 2017

As a result of aging or damage, your house will settle and may experience splits and cracks in your walls and ceilings. Also, depending on where you live, there can be factors such as large temperature swings, earthquakes (however mild they may be). Sometimes, you may even have personal damage from moving furniture or the … Continue reading “Try These Methods for Wall and Ceiling Repairs”

13th July, 2017

When you buy a house, you want to make it as individual and unique as you are. Or maybe you already have a house and want to spruce it up. Either way, painting is one of the first things that comes to mind when individualizing your home. White walls are for renting, right?   But, … Continue reading “Paint, Primer and Texture: Order Matters”

29th June, 2017

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you are probably browsing Pinterest, drooling over perfect kitchens. And while that is always a great place to go for inspiration, here is a basic plan to get you off the Internet and onto making the kitchen of your dreams a reality! Step One: Set your Budget … Continue reading “The Basics of the Kitchen Remodel”

29th June, 2017

Crown molding is decorative trim that can accent any room in your home. It is placed at the top of your wall where it meets the ceiling and adds a visual aesthetic to your home.   Things to Consider: Wall Height& Width When determining what size of crown molding, take your wall height into consideration … Continue reading “Picking the Right Crown Molding for Your Room”

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