How Long Kitchen Remodeling Take?

We should understand the different variables involved in a calculation when considering a particular activity’s time frame.

It is similar to asking questions like how long will it take to bake a cake or build a new house. It all depends on the ingredients you use or the type of house you’d like to build.

When calculating how much time your kitchen remodeling will require, you should consider the work scope before you can accurately measure the project’s duration. For example, if you plan to retain your current appliances and do not want to touch the plumbing work. All you need to do is reface, which will take comparatively less time than a complete renovation, where you replace cabinets. As an owner, if you’re looking to save time and money, always consider a budget, material, design, and scheduling constraints.

An All-New Kitchen Remodel

If you have planned to remodel your complete kitchen, including replacing your cabinets with new custom made cabinets, you should ideally expect a three to four weeks lead time from the time you order until the time you receive it. It’s good always to add some extra buffer time to avoid delays in work timelines.

Kitchen Refacing

A simple kitchen reface, should not take more than five to seven days to be completed. As all the work is contracted to a single source, you do not need to subcontract any work to other vendors. This will ensure a very minimal amount of disturbance.

Some Tips When You Are Planning On a Kitchen Remodel

  • Always stay in touch and constant communication with your on-ground team if they need to ask any questions.
  • Do not use your kitchen while work is in progress. You can dine out during meal times.
  • Pets and children should be kept away from the construction site for their safety.

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