How Large Is The Average Kitchen Size?

Over the past few years, the average kitchen size has changed as technological advancements continue to occur. When our grandparents were growing up, the kitchen was primarily a place to cook and clean all of the dirty dishes. However, in this modern era, more and more people have shifted to using kitchens for dining and entertainment purposes. In short, the average kitchen size has changed because of the change in the use of the kitchen over the past centuries. Let’s dive into what the average kitchen size tends to be, so you have a better idea about what you may want or need for your home.

What is the average size for a kitchen?

There are three separate kitchens: a small kitchen, a mid-sized type of kitchen, and a large kitchen.

A small kitchen will be about 70 square feet or less. For a medium kitchen, the average will be about 100-200 square feet. Finally, the average large kitchen will be about 200 square feet or more.

Wait, which kitchen is perfect for me?

Well, there isn’t really a straightforward answer. In essence, the main factors are based on your preferences and the type of area you want to cook and eat in daily. In addition, many factors come into question for the perfect kitchen. Some factors include your budget, the amount of square footage available, your design preference, your wants, and even your needs.

Wait, what if I am struggling to find a kitchen that is perfect for me?

Now that we’ve looked at the average kitchen size. We hope it will make your decision on building a new kitchen a bit easier.

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