Paint, Primer and Texture: Order Matters

When you buy a house, you want to make it as individual and unique as you are. Or maybe you already have a house and want to spruce it up. Either way, painting is one of the first things that comes to mind when individualizing your home. White walls are for renting, right?

But, painting is a daunting process and brings up homeowner nightmares. It can be extremely time consuming, stressful and expensive, if you hire someone else to do it. But, it can pay off to get professional help for this kind of job!

Here are some steps to follow when painting your home or when getting it painted by a professional, like us, at Tell Projects. Paint, primer and texture are all things to consider when painting your home.


The paint type you choose is crucial to giving your home the best professional feel. We suggest choosing high end paint, so your house looks great for a long time to come. Paint should be applied post primer, always! Pick a color you will like in the long run and don’t be afraid to test it out, so you can see the final product after it dries on the wall. Our tip is to use a handheld paintbrush on corners and gaps before rolling your paint on – it will make the final product so much better!


Primer should also be placed on the walls before you paint them. It is one of the most important steps, when painting your home. We suggest always using primer on interior walls to help your paint stick and to save coats of paint. Primer is usually white and will help your paint adhere to your walls, thus saving you money and time.


Texture can be a great way to add flare to your walls and add a visual aspect without going overboard. There are a lot of different kinds of texture out there, like textured paint, drywall mud and spray drywall texture. Textured paint can be applied post-primer and usually takes around two coats for the full effect. You can also add silica sand to your paint to attain texture. Drywall mud, much like stucco or a plaster finish, is another versatile option. It can be added to the walls with tissue paper, a special roller or a rag to add uniqueness to walls. Finally, you can rent a drywall texture sprayer (or pay someone to do it for you!) and add patterns to your walls based on the texture you choose. There are lots of texture options, as you can see!

Tell Projects can help make your home renovation dreams come true. Whether it is paint, primer and texture work or a full remodel, we can help you! Call us at (832) 730-2471 or email us at for a quote or for advice on your housing projects!

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