The Basics of the Kitchen Remodel

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you are probably browsing Pinterest, drooling over perfect kitchens. And while that is always a great place to go for inspiration, here is a basic plan to get you off the Internet and onto making the kitchen of your dreams a reality!

Step One: Set your Budget

After you decide to move forward with a kitchen remodel, a huge part of the project is figuring out your budget. Kitchens can be remodeled in cost-effective ways or more extravagant ones. Choosing a company to help with your remodel is key. You can often get free estimates or discuss your plans with trusted builders prior to starting, to get a better idea of costs. Also, keep in mind that remodels can get out of hand and become much more expensive than anticipated. We recommend adding some buffer funds to the budget in case anything goes awry.

Step Two: Figure out your Kitchen Remodel Plan

There are many things to take into consideration with your kitchen remodel and having an organized plan is one of them. The biggest key here is to measure accurately! We cannot stress this enough—take the measurements two of three times, to be certain. After you measure, take into consideration your plumbing, floor layout and design plan.

Keep in mind:

  • Try to keep walkways wide—it’s recommended to keep them 36 inches wide.
  • Corners are great for lazy Susans or creative shelving, to maximize space.
  • Try to allow 15 inches of countertop space on either side of your stove and refrigerator.
  • Make sure to include outlets and plugs on the island and in key areas.

Once you have a floor plan done and know the types of materials you would like to use, it’s time to start the project!

Step Three: Demo & begin work

Here comes the fun part—take out what you are going to use and tear down the rest! Demolition is a necessary part of the process. After demo is done, you and your contractor can start the rebuilding process. This can include the carpentry, plumbing and electric portions of your kitchen remodel. A later step could be your countertop, which is a huge part of the look and feel of your kitchen!

Step Four: Paint & Add Finishing Touches

Now that most of the work is done, it’s time to paint and add finishing touches, like backsplashes.

As far as painting goes, most interior designers recommend a lighter kitchen, but playing with colors and focal points in your kitchen can be fun. It is totally customizable and up to you!  Finally, add your appliances, and install fixtures and handles on cabinets.

Step Five: Celebrate!

Now that it is all done, you can rest easy! You can thank your contractor and start cooking!

Tell Projects can help you build your perfect kitchen. We can do everything from demo to insulation to sheetrock to countertops. We are experts, and all our staff go through 4months of training to ensure the best quality for our customers.

Give us a call today at (832) 730-2471, or email us at to see when we can start the kitchen remodel you’ve been dreaming of!


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