Beautiful Tile Patterns for Your Home

Tile patterns are an often overlooked home feature. While tiles are small, they can make a big impact. The right tiles will tie your home style together and complete your look. They are also a simple home improvement project that can be completed quickly. Below, we will share just some of the many tile designs that homeowners love.

Classic Linear Tiles

These square tiles form a simple yet elegant pattern with clean lines. Linear tiles might be the most common tile style, but they don’t have to be boring. Different colors and materials can help to give linear tiles a sleek and modern look.

Modular Style

A modular tile pattern is created using different-sized tiles, usually squares or rectangles. They are laid out forming a pattern. Modular tiles provide a subtle twist on the traditional linear tile style.

Brick Bond

Brick bond tiles (also known as subway tiles) are a set of uniform rectangular tiles that are laid out with an offset pattern. This tile style has become very popular lately. It will give your home a modern, urban look. While these tiles are usually placed horizontally, you can also play around with the design. A vertical brick bond can mix up the look. You might also consider mixing gradients.

Hexagon Tiles

Hexagonal tiles are sometimes called honeycomb tiles. These pieces fit together for a bold yet seamless look. They are popular in bathrooms and also in outdoor spaces, such as patios.

Unique Patterns

There are so many different types of tile patterns to choose from. Herringbone and chevron are both trendy styles that will add a “wow” factor to your home. You can also choose different materials and colors for your tiles to make a look that’s truly your own.

New Tiles and So Much More

Whether you are interested in new tile patterns or another type of home project, we can help. At Tell Projects, our passionate experts will help you design the perfect space for your needs. To get started, call us at (832) 730-2471.

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