Finishing Your Attic in 2020

Finishing your attic is a great home project. A finished attic will add square footage and boost your home value. It will also give family members more room for privacy. Whether you want an extra bedroom, a workspace, or something else, you must finish your attic correctly. Below are some of the basic steps you must take for a complete attic renovation.

Check the Rules and Regulations

Before you begin your attic renovation, you need to check your local building codes. These regulations will not only keep you safe but will also be useful if you ever sell your home. While building codes are important, they are often difficult to understand. Work with a contractor to make sure your plans are up to code.

Wiring, Heating, and Ventilation

Because many attics were built as storage space, your attic might need plumbing or electrical work. It’s also important that your attic has proper ventilation. Have an HVAC contractor look at your home and determine your needs. This will make sure your attic is transformed into a safe and livable space.

Do You Need a Subfloor?

If your attic is not able to be used as a storage space, then you will likely need a subfloor installed. This serves as the bottom layer of your attic’s flooring. It will create a strong foundation for the rest of your project, turning unfinished space into a proper room.

Insulation and Drywall

Insulation and drywall will help to regulate your attic’s temperature. This is when your renovation will begin to take shape. Afterward, it’s finally time for the fun part. You will get to design, finish, and decorate your new space!

Starting Your Project

Finishing your attic might seem intimidating. However, the right experts will make the process run smoothly. Hiring a contractor will not only save you time but also money in the long run. Get the job done right the first time! Call Tell Projects to get started today.

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