Why New Garage Doors Add More Than Curb Appeal

For most homeowners, the garage doors take up one-third or more of the home’s front profile. Therefore, one of the best options for increasing your home’s curb appeal and likely market value is with a new garage door. Consider new garage doors with classic looks but with modern technology to simplify and revolutionize how you open your garage door.

Consider Carriage House Classic Garage Doors

These fabulous looking doors bring your home alive with the look of classic horse-breeding but with a modern look. You can customize these doors with windows or colors that match your home’s exterior design.

Traditional Wood with Windows

You should not consider traditional wood garage doors with windows in areas of high moisture like fog or rain. However, vinyl, steel, and even fiberglass can be made to look exactly like natural wood only the chance of water damage is a lot less. Some people only want natural wood, in which case make sure the wood is sealed. Start by coating the wood with linseed or walnut oil, and then apply water-proof adhesives such as a clear-coat polyurethane or varnish.

Windows on wide, large garage doors break up the long lines and transform what would otherwise be a boring design into a fabulous facade.

These attractive garage doors add curb appeal when you decide to sell but also add a bit of panache or flair to what many consider necessary.

Call Tell Projects for an Estimate on New Garage Doors

Call Tell Projects, today (832) 730-2471 for your free estimate and help with possible models of doors and openers. Not all garage doors are equal. Modern technology and smartphone apps make installing garage doors a functional adventure. Email, info@tellprojectstx.com “Don’t Settle for Ordinary – Delivering Excellence in Craft & Service”

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