Should You Add a Shower Window in Your Bathroom?

Adding a window to your shower can dramatically change the look of your bathroom. This is a room that you spend a lot of time in, so it’s important to consider features that are both attractive and practical. Keep reading to learn why a shower window might be the perfect addition to your space.

Change the Look of Your Bathroom

You will be amazed by the difference that this one addition can make to your space. Windows will make your bathroom appear larger and more open. They are also an easy way to add visual interest without redecorating or updating hardware.

Add Light and Ventilation

You are adding a lot to your bathroom when you add a shower. The most obvious feature is the natural light that you will let into your space. This light will brighten the room and allow you to use your bathroom without the harshness of your overhead lights. Windows also add natural ventilation which will make your bathroom more pleasant to use.

Privacy Considerations

Many people choose not to install shower windows because they are worried about privacy. This is a valid concern! However, there are ways to install a shower window that provides all of the above benefits while also providing privacy. You might consider a frosted window or a strategic placement that will prevent anyone from looking into your shower.

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