Easy Faucet and Shower Head Replacements and Installations

One of the quickest ways to update your bathroom or kitchen sink area is to replace the fixtures. It can also be a way to reduce water waste and create a “greener” environment in your home. However, not everyone has the experience and expertise to perform faucet and shower head replacements and installations. Knowing the best and easiest options can help you get the look and function you want for your kitchen and bathroom.

Benefits of Faucet and Shower Head Replacements and Installations

Are your bathroom faucets covered in water spots or just outdated in style? Replacing faucets and shower heads can be a quick way to give your bathroom a new look. You may be surprised to see how much difference a faucet design can make in the look of a sink. For shower heads, it is not as much the style but the function that can make it worth the upgrade. Some of the benefits of replacing these fixtures include:

  • Improved design and style for your bathroom
  • Easier to clean fixtures
  • More enjoyable showering with a rain or multiple shower heads
  • Reduced water waste with efficient fixtures

Can I Change My Fixtures Myself?

There are some people that have the know-how to tackle DIY projects around the home. However, plumbing projects can open a big can of worms for the novice DIY homeowner. New fixtures do not always fit the existing pipes, sink. and shower set-up. Faucet and shower head replacements and installations can turn into a big mess; what should have taken a few hours can turn into days without your sink or shower if something goes wrong.

While switching out an existing faucet for a similar style can be a quick job that many homeowners can do on their own, a new style, or more elaborate design, may be best installed by a professional. You want to ensure that the right planning and preparation is done before you take apart your sink or shower so that you won’t be without your bathroom or kitchen sink for longer than necessary.

If you want easy faucet and shower head replacements and installations, leave it to the professionals. Our team at Tell Projects has a fantastic selection of designer faucets and shower heads for you to choose from, and we can install them for you quickly and professionally. Call today to schedule a consultation to give your bathroom or kitchen a new look.

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