Choosing the Right Doors, Handles, and Door Knobs

The thing about choosing the right kitchen and bathroom doors, handles and door knobs is that they should complement each other and the overall décor in the room. Opting for the wrong style of handles or door knobs may have a negative impact on design elements, disrupting the aesthetic flow
of you had hoped for.

Combining Doors, Handles, and Door Knobs

As a general rule, mixing traditional doors with modernized handles and door knobs is discouraged. However, doors constructed from traditional materials, such as oak wood for cabinets, can benefit from modern handles, depending on how the doors are designed. A great example of this is using decorative door handles on shaker style oak cabinet doors.

If you are considering glass doors for your kitchen or bathroom, metal handles or door knobs are most complementary, regardless of the style of handle. Uniformity in encouraged when choosing doors, handles, and door knobs, so think carefully about the materials you choose for both your
cabinet and entryway doors in each room.

Countertop and Tile Styles

It is also important to think about your countertop style when choosing new doors for your kitchen or bathroom. Diametrically opposed elements in a room simply do not work. Jazzy kitchen designs with contrasting elements between countertops, cabinets and handles are usually the result of a
skilled carpenter’s work. Guessing at which elements will go together is often a recipe for disaster.

The same principle applies to your tiles or paintwork. Making sure all your elements blend seamlessly is an essential part of kitchen design. Thankfully, we are in the digital age, so you can see examples of how different styles of cabinet doors will look with your current countertops and tiles.
Feel free to browse the Projects section of our website to get an idea of how professionals match various colors and styles.

Tell Projects

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