4 Things to Consider Prior to a Bathroom Demolition

Did you ever notice on those HGTV Fix and Flip shows how they always make the demolition look like so much fun? They run in whooping and hollering with a demolition hammer and start knocking things off the wall or destroying the wall itself. No one is wearing a safety mask or goggles, well occasionally they do wear protective goggles.

We did not list safety as one of the four things you should consider for a bathroom demolition, because safety should be your highest priority in every project.

The wearing of safety gear during demolition is crucial to your health and that of your crew, even if your team consists of your spouse and children. Many pre-70s houses had lead paint and asbestos and did not use waterproofing techniques to prevent mold buildup. Even modern homes that are flood damaged or in very humid areas can have mold infestations hidden behind the walls.

Environmental dangers are just one area to consider before doing a bathroom demolition. Expect there will be problems and take stock of the tools needed for demolition and remodeling.

1.Turn Off Services Before Demolition

We made this the number one thing to consider because the first thing you should do before you start a bathroom demolition is turn off the water, electric, and gas. Everyone involved in the renovation should know the location of the emergency shut-off for those services.

The last thing you want is to puncture a gas or water line and not know where the shut-off is. Once again, this is true for any demolition project. Until you get into the walls, you don’t know where a pipe or electric wire might be.

2.Get an Asbestos and Mold Check

As we stated in the introduction, many older homes contain environmental dangers. Several quality companies around Houston deal with asbestos, lead paint, and mold cleanup.

Even when you plan to do the bathroom demolition and remodel yourself, environmental cleanup is not a DIY project. For one thing, state and government officials will get involved, and they will want to oversee the cleanup and inspect and test afterward.

In fact, one of those HGTV shows had to pay $40,000 in civil fines and another $160,000 in cleanup fees for mishandling lead paint.

3. Expect the Unexpected

Here’s another thing you likely saw on Flip or Flop or Fixer Upper, if you watch those shows. There is almost always a problem, and that problem is not in the budget. Plus, there are no inexpensive problems in the bathroom, especially with plumbing or electric. Therefore, before you begin a remodeling project, whether as a DIY or with a professional, set aside a little extra for unforeseen problems.

4.The Expense of Tools Needed for Demolition

Many of the tools need for your demolition project are probably in your garage or are cheap enough to acquire, such as drop cloths, hammers, utility knives, pry bars, tape measures and safety gear. However, the tools you likely don’t have in the garage are those very costly items you will only use once during demolition or remodeling.

If you list the tools you will need and discover the cost to buy is too much for the minimal use you will get from them, you should consider renting them or hiring a professional for the project.

Contact Tell Projects

Contact Tell Projects at (832) 730-2471 to get a free, no obligation estimate for your bathroom demolition project. Even if you know how to do some of the demolition and remodeling in the bathroom, that does not mean you will have time to do it. Likewise, many of the tools you will need are cost prohibitive, so if you cannot rent those, hiring a professional contractor might be a consideration.

Visit the Tell Projects website or send us an email with your questions, info@tellprojectstx.com.

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