The reason behind a house remodeling project is the homeowner’s desire to have a house of his dreams. When experience and hard work combines with professional craftsmanship, the true essence of home remodeling erupts. When you get a home with the design, color, and material you desire, we feel proud of our work. Tell Projects offers reliable home remodeling in Houston, TX, with the most affordable rates and attention to detail.


We are proud to be on the list of top home construction and remodeling companies in Houston, Texas. We believe in delivering our projects on time with 100% customer satisfaction. Even after the renovation work is complete and you wish for a little addition to your dream home, don’t hesitate to ask. We would love to meet your desires and immediately make any improvement to your Houston home to bring a smile to your face.


Sometimes home remodelers fail to deliver a project on the stated date. A delayed work not only shows a lack of expertise and management but the absence of enthusiasm. And this is what we manage effectively. What has made us the best home remodeling contractors in Houston, TX, is our promise to hand over the keys to your dream home when the day comes.

How does Home Renovation work in Houston, TX?

A home renovation project has a basic workflow that ensures all requirements are fulfilled, and a desirable outcome is achieved. Our project supervisors make sure every bit is set according to the homeowner’s needs. This is how we execute a home remodeling project:

  1. When you first contact us, we will visit your home for a free in-home consultation at the time of your choice and gather your needs.
  2. Our team will survey your home and discuss the possibilities of design, color, and material for your renovation project. Please feel free to share any renovation ideas you have for your “dream home” during the discussion.
  3. When you are ready and satisfied with the design and material, we will start the work.
  4. Finally, after the renovation project is complete, you can run through every corner to ensure all requirements are met. If you feel anything is missing, just ask our contractors, and we will get back to work until you say everything looks ‘perfect.’

Custom Home Remodeling and Renovation Houston, TX

We know remodeling and renovation projects in Houston can be expensive, but we promise you an increase in the value of your home! This can be especially beneficial if you plan to sell your property. Spending just a few hundred dollars on your Texas home can guarantee you a much bigger return than you can anticipate.

Even if you are not selling, who doesn’t love enjoying an upgraded bedroom with a cozy bath and a kitchen with breathtaking cabinetry work?


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