Do you know the importance of the right type of floor? It can make an average room seem elegant and give a below average feel to aesthetically pleasing home. Our trained craftsmen have spent thousands of hours installing bathroom and kitchen tiles and living up to homeowner’s expectations. If you are looking for reliable flooring services in Houston, TX, make sure you call Tell Projects.    


Flooring styles have changed way too much during the past twenty years. Our team always stays up-to-date with the latest trends and changes, which has made us the top providers of flooring services in Houston. Some of the flooring solutions we offer include:


Tile is a popular choice for many flooring remodeling projects in Houston, TX. What sets tile flooring apart is its strength and the ability to look great with any style. If you live in an area with heavy traffic and want your floor to last for several years, tile is the best solution.  


Vinyl is known for its resistance to stains and comfort. Vinyl flooring is available in various shades and patterns that can perfectly fit your home’s curb appeal. 


Nothing can compare to the elegance of hardwood, which is why homeowners never regret choosing it for their Houston project. Hardwood looks breathtaking and helps improve the indoor air quality.


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