Bathroom Remodels

From a small sink repair to a fully gutted bathroom, Tell Projects will stand by helping you find the best option and design that fits you and your family on a budget.

Tiles and Grout

Floors, bathrooms, showers, decorative pieces, this is when you get to add style to your custom home. Tell Projects can help guide you for all your tiling needs.

Remodels and Renovations

With Tell Projects as your trusted contractor for your home improvement needs and dreams, our dedicated team of professionals will show you…

Paint and Drywall

Leave our professionals to the drywall and our artists to the paint jobs. Although these two specialties come hand in hand, they require skill and experienced…

Wood Work

From fences to decks, keep your Houston home BBQ ready year round! Building a deck adds class, and oh so many family memories.

Home Construction Services

No matter how simple or complex your upcoming project may be, Tell Projects does not just build we create! We love the smell of sawdust in the morning…


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