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Some call us the interior experts. Our roots are firmly in central Houston and we have done projects from Austin to Dallas. We offer complimentary estimates to new prospective clients as well as returning clients. We pride ourselves on our customer service and offer an open-minded and progressive outlook to the construction community.

Every client of ours builds a personal relationship with our Contractor, Project Managers and even our Office Staff! Our clients are updated daily with phone calls, descriptions and even pictures. We believe that it is your right as the client to know what kind of work your home is about to undergo. We provide you with a detailed estimate as well as a time schedule prior to all work and are here to answer your questions or lend an ear to your concerns. There is no project too big or small, because we believe in building confident and continuous relationships with our clients.

Here at Tell Projects when it comes to work ethics we believe in hard work and the practice of mastering a trade. We will never bring a stranger into your home. We do not rent out subcontractors. Our Employees and Project Managers have been rigorously trained and are experts in their specific specialty. You will never see our Plumber laying tile or see our Carpenter performing electric work! Every professional here at Tell Projects completes his job with the highest quality and always has excitement for every individual project.

We understand that your project is a projection of your dreams and needs in your castle. We will always apply proper care to your home whether it be shoe covers or covering the flooring in your home, we treat your home as if it was our own

Because we believe in the excellent quality of our work, Tell Projects offers a warranty on our labor. We take great pride in our work and work hard to see our clients smiling throughout the project. Undergoing a remodel is not a relaxed process but the outcome is worth it, Tell Projects can promise you that.

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