Transform Meal Prep and With a Kitchen Island

A person’s kitchen is often the heart of the home. From cooking and baking to family dinners and entertaining, it’s a space that should be personal and functional. If you need additional storage or prep space in your kitchen, adding an island can massively upgrade the room. Read on to learn some of our favorite uses for a kitchen island.

Smart Storage and Cabinet Solutions

You probably won’t be able to increase your kitchen’s square footage without a massive home renovation. However, you can increase the storage options in your kitchen with relative ease to make your kitchen feel dramatically larger. A kitchen island will allow you to add the exact type of storage you need, whether that’s a second pantry space for your food, open shelving for cookbooks or bakeware, or drawers for odds and ends.

Make Entertaining a Breeze

A kitchen island is a great option for people who love to entertain. The proximity to your prep space will allow you to assemble beautiful spreads opposite your appliances. You can use your sink and oven while you set up for your guests, saving you time during both cooking and clean-up.

Perfect for Busy Families

Kids and adults alike will love the convenience of a kitchen island during the busy morning and evening hours. Using bar stools at the island will give your family another space to eat, allowing everyone to have their own space to enjoy their meals.

Houston Kitchen Renovations

Is it time to add an island to your kitchen? Tell Projects makes the process painless. Our designers and contractors will create an island to fit your exact needs. To learn more, call us at (832) 730-2471.

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