Split level kitchen remodel

Usually, during the era between the sixties to seventies, split level houses were built. It was a trend and much popular in people. However, nowadays, these designs might need renovation. Split level kitchen remodels a challenging task, and an expert team can handle it professionally. Typically a split level kitchen is on the top level, and a short staircase leads to the living area.

Half walls in the split level kitchen

Split level kitchen has various designs; plan a remodel accordingly. One way is to reconstruct the walls into half. Depending on the customer choice and style of the house, half the wall that is between the kitchen and living room. It changes the interior look, making it more elegant. Furthermore, it increases safety, and people from the kitchen or living room can look and communicate easily with each other.

Glass barriers instead of half walls

Apart from it, another way is the use of glass. Instead of half wall, use a glass barrier. Glass barrier in the split level kitchen remodel will make it trendy and modern. A solid structure looks much old fashioned; however, glass replacement is a good idea. It adds more light and space to the place, and the area feels open and bright. Therefore glass barrier is an excellent alternative and in use nowadays in split kitchens.

Other option

However, if a person does not prefer glass barriers, a railing is also a great choice. Remove the walls and replace them with the railings. The place will still be open, and light can easily pass through. People have opted for this option, and it gives a beautiful look. The railing is a protective piece, and the style and color are as per the taste.

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