New Kitchen Cabinetry Trends for 2018

As the heart of the home, it’s not unusual to find families and friends gathered in the kitchen at any given moment. Whether it’s around a table or an island or cozied up in a built-in breakfast nook, the kitchen has always been and will probably always be the one room with an open invitation. We all find our way there and, more often than not, stay for an extended period of time. It’s no secret then that kitchens evolve in an effort to keep the pulse flowing through the home. Cabinetry is no exception. In fact, there are trends everyone will want to explore in 2018.

Two-Tone Cabinetry

The high contrast of two-tone cabinetry has become more popular recently and this trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down heading into 2018. If anything, the trend will continue to grow. Some opt to have a stark contrast in tones, with white upper cabinetry and black bottoms, while others remain subtler, using lighter and darker shades of the same color. Regardless of which way the trend is used, there’s no denying two-tone cabinetry invites conversation and draws attention, which is ultimately the goal of any kitchen and the testimony of a true trend.

Gray Is the New White

While white cabinetry has been all the rage for years, gray is making a move to take over. As a neutral, gray offers the same flexibility to mix up kitchen accessories and countertops without risking the clashing or overshadowing of other colors. Unlike white, gray still manages to add color to the space, giving your eye something to gravitate towards without stealing the show from appliances or other features you wish to highlight. Not to mention, the large range of gray tones with undercurrents of purple, blue or brown can be customized to fit any of your cabinetry needs.

Storage Solutions

Sure, it’s important for the kitchen to be beautiful, but it’s all for nothing if it’s not functional as well. Set to be a big trend in 2018 are storage solutions for concerns that have troubled kitchens for years. Unfortunately, kitchens are rarely as large as we wish them to be, so it’s important that every square inch is used with intention. Enter cabinetry that offers deeper, double-layer drawers, so you can store lids or spices or gadgets on top of pots and pans and cookie sheets without them touching one another. A win/win for any space.

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