3 Difficult Garbage Disposal Repairs and Installations

Installing a new garbage disposal in a space designed for that specific make and model is almost always an easy installation. After all, you will be installing it into a new space while everything is new and designed to fit. However, not all garbage disposal repairs and installations are quite that easy. Even seasoned, experienced plumbers and handymen have a short list of garbage disposal repairs and installations they would rather not tackle. Of course, we have the experience and know-how to handle every possible situation, but some garbage disposal repairs and installations should not be tackled by even the best Do-It-Yourselfer (DIY).

The following are three difficult garbage disposal repairs and installations that you should refer to an experienced crew, such as Tell Projects. Otherwise, it could wind up costing you more in the long run because you bought unnecessary tools or replacement parts.

#1 – Replacing a Broken Unit Is the Worst of Garbage Disposal Repairs and Installations

Of all the garbage disposal repairs and installations, installing a new garbage disposal to replace an existing, but no longer working, unit is the worst. You will have to connect the new disposal to the old electrical and plumbing systems. Who knows how many hardware and plumbing stores you will need to visit to get the right replacement parts; and you will most likely have to buy a tool that’s not in your toolbox to complete the job. Many homeowners have a defective disposal for months before they even realize it because there is no visible sign of leaks or other malfunctions. Consequently, the repair may require more work than if it had been discovered sooner.

Those of us that do garbage disposal repairs and installations on a near daily basis know which replacement parts are needed and how to tie the new electrical or plumbing parts into the old system.

#2 – The Second Worst Garbage Disposal Repairs and Installations

The second worst garbage disposal repairs or installations project is after you bought a new unit and you’re tinkering with the old unit and discover it was jammed by a soda can tab. Of course, a professional plumber or handyman who does this all the time would know to check that first, before ordering any replacement parts or a new disposal. But, when you’re trying to save a few dollars for the family budget, you will make a few errors such as these. It should be easy enough to return if you kept the receipt, so ultimately all you are out is gas and your most valuable asset, your time.

So, a word of advice. Before you proceed with a new install, make sure your unit is not just jammed. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to pull anything that may be jamming the unit out of the drum’s perimeter opening.
You’d be surprised what type of things can stop a disposal in its tracks. How about apple seeds? Celery? Even eggshells! But, by far the worst is the tabs off soda and beer cans or a twisty tie from a loaf of bread. You could save the cost of a new unit by taking the old unit apart and pulling these things out.

#3 – The Third Worst Garbage Disposal Repairs and Installations

The third worst disposal repair or installation project is when the old sink never had a garbage disposal, so there is no hook-up for it. Most of the instructions for garbage disposal repairs and installations assume you are replacing an old unit that no longer works, not that you are starting a replacement project from scratch.

Most professional plumbers and installers know that you’ll need a replacement basket for the disposal to mount on and match with the sink. In addition, you will need plumber’s putty to create a seal when you install the disposal. Then, it’s just a matter of rearranging the electric or plumbing connections for the offset outlet.

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